Akhaura-Agartala Railway Survey Project

Akhaura-Agartala Railway Survey Project.

Bangladesh as a country has the border with India in all side except the sea are. Akhaura upazilla of Brahmanbaria district has a very close border with the Agartala of Tripura province of India.

There are a lot of opportunities of business between India and Bangladesh through this border. Due to risky communication, the business opportunities can not be used by the businessmen of both countries. In recent days government of both countries has agreed to make a rail link between this two countries through Akhaura-Agartala border to create more business opportunities for both countries.

Railway is the most easiest and safest transportation all over the countries. So it will be a fascinating opportunity for both country people.

We have been recruited to work this project to survey the newly proposed area for build rail networks through the old villages of this rural area. We have been asked to investigate the feasibility of the project, identify the issues to proceed the construction work. We performed the survey work all the way from Akhaura to Agartala border according the proposed map.

It was a very tight schedule as it was an international task. We had to follow all the works in the scope of work and maintain the timing according the schedule. We have collected all types of survey data using different survey methods and instruments. Process those data using GIS to produce report according the target output. We have submitted all the reports according the expectation of the client and on due time.

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