Bridge/Culvert (Upto 15M) Construction in Khagrachhari-Bandarban-Rangamati



Soil Test: The investigation program consisted of soil boring and sampling at 1.5m intervals for subsequent observation and laboratory testing to evaluate the soil properties. The boring locations are identified by hand GPS and plotted in the google map for better understanding. Field exploration program was conducted between 18th December – 15th January 2021. The program was carried out by personnel from “DTCL- SAL JV.” who were responsible for conducting Standard Penetration Test (SPT) and obtaining disturbed samples of the subsurface soil, laboratory testing and reporting.

Drilling was done by Manual Percussion method. Split spoon sampler has been used for collecting disturbed soil samples at 1.5 m interval. The borehole water level has been measured when all the sediments are stabilized and the water in borehole attains condition of representative of natural ground water. After boring, the area has been backfilled properly. All the work has been done under the supervision of efficient engineers and witnessed by Project Implementation Officer (PIO) of respective Upazilla.

We have collected all types soil samples during field investigation according the requirements and instruction of the client. Samples has been sorted accordingly and send to our LAB for testing.