Chittagong-Anwara Road Survey

Chittagong-Anwara Road Survey

Chittagong-Anwara Road Survey. Traffic congestion is one of the most increasable and intolerable problem in the present century. Most of the large cities of Bangladesh are facing this problem from a long time ago. 

It brings a great loss in both economically and physically. Vehicles carrying both goods and passengers face a great problem. It creates an effect on both health and economy. So it is important to make sustainable plan and study on it to make it smarter so we can get a great service from the road for a long time. 

To find out the reason of having traffic congestion, at first the existing condition of the traffic service and facility have to be known. Chittagong is one of the largest cities of Bangladesh. This city has a great importance for its economic function and also for its aesthetic natural elements. And there is a lot of functions this city runs every day that this makes the city a much more focal point both to the residents and the tourists. 

Recently a lot of mega projects have been taken to make this city better. This includes the upgradation of the Rangadiya Bazar road situated at Anwara, Chittagong.

Goal of this project

Determination of traffic volume to analyze the existing congestion of Rangadiya Bazar road.