Feni Solar Power Plant Survey

Feni Solar Power Plant Survey

Feni Solar Power Plant

Bangladesh is one of the most populated country in the World. Almost 160 million people live in this country and create a continuous demand for the energy. It is often very tough to give a supply to fulfill this demand. That is where the concept of renewable energy comes forward. Third world country like Bangladesh needs such plan for the establishment of the process that will help with the renewable energy.

Recently, a project has been taken to establish solar power plant to support the country’s power demand with a much more sustainable environmental way. Solar power is the most environment friendly way to generate power and use it for human kind. This kind of power bring no harm to the environment. As it provides renewable energy, it does not create any demand for the natural resources to spend for energy production.

Population of Bangladesh is growing day by day and the growth creates additional demand for the power and energy. But to provide the additional support, it is mandatory to establish new plants for more energy. There are several types of procedures to gain the energy but the solar power conversion is the greatest choice.


For the establishment of solar power plant, a site has been proposed. The proposed site is located at the village South Char Chandia, 8 km south of the Upazila Sadar under the upazila Sonagazi at Feni district. The site is located in a coastal area and also in the embankment of the River Feni. The proposed site is mainly used for cultivation and also some areas are covered as waterbody. Very few households can be found.

The site is located 8 km south from the Sonagazi Sadar  Upazila. The following villages come between the Upazila Sadar and the proposed site in sequence following from the Sadar to site.

Goal & Purposes

The purpose of conducting this survey is to prepare map and identify the terrain features of the proposed site area. Additionally the purpose of this survey was,

  • Demarcation of land
  • To find out the existing land use
  • To identify the major land structures and features