Padma Oil is one of the largest oil dealers in Bangladesh. They are located in Chittagong and very close to the sea area. This is a Limited Company under the Government of Bangladesh. They Buy fuel from Eastern Refinery and sell to their clients all over the country.

They have manual system to get fuel from ERL and sell to public and private companies. The existing system is not helping them as of the system is quite old. Recently the POCL has decide to upgrade themselves to automated system.

Before they start working for the automation system they need to investigate their existing system and facilities. So they have to investigate the whole area to ensure the feasibility of the automated system.

We have been selected to do the soil investigation of POCL. We have deployed our teams to start working according the scope of work and instruction of POCL. We will collect samples using different methods of soil tests. Then we will test them in our dedicated LAB and produce the report according the field data and the test report.

We have deployed our team to pursue the soil investigation in POCL. We are hoping to finish this soil investigation project according the instruction of the POCL authority and we will submit the report on due time.

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