HSIA (Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport) Survey Work.  The Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is being expanded in order to address the continued increase in domestic and international passengers and cargo passing through the facility. 

The airport is anticipated to witness passenger traffic of approximately 12 million by August 2022 and up to 22 million by 2035. The ground-breaking ceremony of the third passenger terminal building and other infrastructure was held in December 2019. Being executed by Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) and the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism, the expansion is scheduled for completion in 2022. 

It is set to more than double the airport’s annual passenger handling capacity from the current eight million to approximately 20 million, and the cargo capacity from 200,000t to 500,000t. It is also expected to improve air transportation, as well as economic and social development in Bangladesh. 

The project has awarded to SAMSUNG C&T Ltd. By successful bidding Geotech Engineering Ltd has selected as subcontractor for conducting soil investigation. The scope of the subcontract was included,

  • topographical survey
  • undulation investigation
  • survey the existing facilities of the airport
  • unused land survey
  • survey the empty lands to identify the requirements

We have been selected to survey all these and produce report according the scope of work. We are nearly to finish the survey work of HSIA. We will be submitting the survey reports including the processed data using the GIS on due time.