Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Soil Test

Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Soil Test

Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Soil Test. According the commitment of the current government, it was one of the most expensive, important and challenging project in the history of Bangladesh. As the country is becoming more important commercially day by day, fluent supply of electricity is the most important thing we need to run our industries and factories continuously.

The demand of electricity is going higher not only in Bangladesh but also all over Asia. Geographically we are in a situation that we can supply electricity to our neighbor countries if we can produce more than the demand of our country.

It was challenging due to its future environmental impact and high risk of disaster. Additionally the maintenance of this plant is so high as well. This is a long lasting and huge project financially and in terms of time.

We have been selected to perform the soil tests including Bore Holes, TP, ER, Resistivity Test etc. We were working in there for last two years and we had to deploy a bunch of engineers and project managers to handle this project. It was a great experience in the field work though there were lot of obstacles and barriers. Finally we are getting very close to finish the project.

We have been following the instructions of the project authority and keep submitting the data and reports accordingly as per the scope of work.

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