Topographical Survey and Its Benefit?

Topographical Survey in bd

A topographical survey is an accurate depiction of a site (property, area of land, defined boundary) which is scaled and detailed according to the spatial considerations and is the summary of the on-site data capture processes. This type of topographical survey is a detailed process which requires the insight of topological professionals to ensure the accuracy of all of the reports provided.

The purpose of a topographic survey is to gather spatial information relating to the site (natural and man-made land features). This can often be related to national Ordnance Survey grid and datum information (often using GPS) and is surveyed by point. It is typically accepted that points are positioned in three dimensions which facilitates ground modelling and visualisations to be produced from the topographical survey.

Additional information can often be integrated into topographical surveys which assists a design team in taking account of the necessary and relevant site constraints. This can include site sections through particularly diverse gradient transects, spot heights of surrounding land and site features, i.e. neighboring properties to assess overlooking, underground utilities information (from radar tracing and integrating utility records data).

Benefits Topographical Survey

  1. Having a detailed and accurate picture of your land can reduce the risk of costly downstream mistakes caused by unforeseen issues.
  2. In the case of purchased land, a topographical survey can reveal any information that might be hidden from plain sight, including the changes that have occurred on the area over a period of
  3. It can provide the necessary data you will need about the land before making any changes to it.
  4. It provides engineers and architects with the necessary information to create correct and suitable designs for the property’s unique features.
  5. It provides final as-built data to verify that the site was built in substantial conformance with proposed plans.